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Reitec.Testplan is a CAD add-on for test planning based on drawings. The user can easily mark all dimensions relevant for quality assurance already in Inventor and export them together with all tolerances per keystroke or mouse click.

The engineer can mark distinctly all dimensions relevant for quality assurance during the preparation of the drawing. To do this, numerous functions are available in the drawing view. The main element is a stamp icon (a circle with an arrow and a number) that can be assigned to any check dimension. The arrow tip points to the associated check dimension.

Each stamp icon is a sketched symbol. The name of the sketched symbol consists of the prefix “VDA_Stamp_” and the angle in degrees of the arrow.

Command: Generate Stamp Icons

Automatically adds stamp icons to all the dimensions of the sheet. This is done view by view in a clockwise order. The stamp numbers are calculated in an ascending way.

Command: Add Stamp Icon

Add a stamp icon for the selected dimensions. The user can freely define the number to use or use the preset value. Numbers are unique within a drawing.

Command: Add Free Stamp Icon

Add a free icon to an arbitrary drawing element. The stamp arrow angle, the number, a name and the value can be freely defined. After the dialog is closed you, can define the position of the symbol through clicking on the drawing.

Command: Stamp wizard

Create similar testplans with a consistent order of the dimensions for similar products. More information in the administration chapter.

The wizard displays the dimension, which should be selected next. You can skip a dimension by directly clicking on the “Next” button.

Command: Refresh

Rearranges the stamp icons so that the stamp arrow points towards the attached dimension. The numbers will be preserved.

Command: Refresh and Renumber

Rearranges the stamp icons, so that the stamp arrow points towards the attached dimension. Also the numbers will be recalculated so that there are now spaces.

Command: Delete All

Deletes all stamp icons in the drawing.

Command: Edit

Shows a dialog where the user can edit the number. He can also set a dimension name and update the dimension class, which is used for common tolerances.

Command: Export

Saves all dimension values and there tolerances into a csv-file or an excel-file.

You can make several settings before you start the export process.

File Type

You can choose the following export formats: Excel-File (.xlsx), Excel-File with macros (.xlsxm), CSV-File (.csv). If you choose an Excel format, you have to choose a template too.


This prefix will be prefixed to the export file name.

File Name

File name of the output file.

Excel Template Name

Excel testplan template to use.

During the Excel export, all data will be copied to a special Testplan worksheet. To simplify the creation of test plans, we recommend to design the real testplan on a second worksheet and to reference the exported data only.
This apporoach will simplify the test plan generation extremly.

Hide Testplan Worksheet

You can hide the testplan worksheet with the exported data.

Common Tolerances

If this option is activated, for all marked dimension with no tolerance the common tolerance will be calculated. You can define your own tolerance classes in the “Options”-dialog.

Command: Options

With this command you can open the “Options”-dialog. More information in the administration chapter.

The content refers to version 2.4

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