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In the “Options” dialog you can make serveral settings, which are influencing the default behaviour of Reitec.Testplan.

Area: Symbol

Change the appearance of the symbol.

Name Description
Radius Radius of the circle.
Font Size Size of the font of the number.
Offset X Distance between symbol and dimension in x direction.
Offset Y Distance between symbol and dimension in y direction.
Create Arrow Defines if the arrow is created or not.
Fill Arrow Defines if the arrow is filled.
Line distance Defines the distance between the lines of the hatch. Less lines will improve performance.

Layer: All symbols can be put on a layer.
Behaviour: Defines if the automtic symbol generation will check all sheets.

Area: Dialogs

During the automatic symbol generation you can define a filter. With an active filter only drawing elements of the selected types will be marked. In this area you can influnence the default behaviour of the filter dialog.

Name Description
Display dialog Defines if the filter dialog is display at the start of the auto generation process.
Dimensions Defines if dimensions should be marked.
Notes Defines if notes should be marked.
Symbols Defines if symbols should be marked.
Surface Texture Symbols Defines if surface texture symbols should be marked.
Geometric Tolerances Defines if geo. tolerances should be marked.

Area: Export

In this area you can make settings to influence the export behaviour.

Name Description
Include header row Export column headers or not.
Settings path Path where the setting files for common tolerances and file properties where stored.
Chamfer patter Defines in which way the chamfer values are connected. Possible values: DIST, DISTTOL, ANGLE

Export of file properties In this area you can define which file properties should be exported. With the value “Row Index” you can set the export order.

Area: Common Tolerances

For all marked dimensions which have no assigned tolerance you can calculate the common tolerances. In this area you can check the default definitions or create own ones.

There are two types of definitions: “table-based” and “precision-based”. “Table-based” definitions are depending on the value of a dimension. “Precision-based” definitions depend on the precision of a dimension.

A definition consists of two elements a superordinate class and the related tolerance sets. Normally there is a tolerance set for each dimension class (length, angle, chamfers) assigned to each class.

Stamp Wizard

The stamp wizard gives you the possibility to create similar test plans for similar products, with a consistent order of the dimensions.

The testplan templates are defined in a XML-file. At the moment it is not possible to create new testplan templates from within the addin. If you are interested in using the stamp wizard please contact us.

The content refers to version 2.4

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