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Test version

Reitec.Testplan can be tested for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. After the test period has expired, an activation must be carried out, otherwise Reitec.Testplan can no longer be used. The test period can also be extended.


After purchasing the required licences, Reitec.Testplan must be activated separately on each client.

1. request code

The activation is done by using a licence file issued by REITEC. This can be requested in the “Info” dialogue by clicking on the “Request licence” button.

An email is automatically generated with which you can request the licence file. To create the licence file, we need the computer name and computer ID of the computer on which Reitec.Testplan is installed. These are displayed in the “Info” dialogue and are automatically included in the e-mail.

The data will be checked by a REITEC employee and the licence file will be created. This process can take several hours.

2. import licence file

In the “Info” dialogue the licence file received by e-mail can be imported. To do this, click on the “Activate” button. Select the licence file and click on “Open”.

A restart of SolidWorks is required to activate the licence. After successful activation, the licence data is displayed in the “Info” dialogue.

The content refers to version

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