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Options Dialog

In the “Options” dialog you can make serveral settings, which are influencing the default behaviour of Reitec.Testplan.

The settings are grouped into different areas:

Area: Common Tolerances

During export, the common tolerances can be calculated for marked dimensions without a tolerance specified. In this area you can view the standard definitions and create your own definitions.

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Area: Common

In this area you can make further general settings, such as defining the common settings path.

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Area: Dialogs

During the automatic generation of stamp symbols you have the option of defining a filter to mark only certain drawing elements. In this area you can now influence the default values for this dialog.

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Area: Export

In this area you can define the settings for the export.

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Area: Export Mapping

In this area, you can define which columns are generated during the export and how the individual characteristic values are assigned to these columns.

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Area: Testplan Types

In this area you can view and edit the existing test plan definitions.

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Area: Project parameter

In this area you can view and edit the existing project parameters.

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Area: Tables

Tables with inspection characteristics can be inserted directly in the drawing. The user can choose between different table definitions. In the options area “Tables” you can adapt existing table definitions or create new table definitions.

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Stamp Wizard

The stamp wizard gives you the possibility to create similar test plans for similar products, with a consistent order of the dimensions.

The testplan templates are defined in a XML-file. At the moment it is not possible to create new testplan templates from within the addin. If you are interested in using the stamp wizard please contact us.

The content refers to version 3.0

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