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MeXX Change History


  • Update to DevExpress 17.1.3
  • Grid: Autofilter default operator: “Contains”
  • FormElements_ColumnId was removed, data field for a FormElement is now only stored in the datafield attribute of the FormElement
  • RibbonControl
  • Sorting of multiple columns is now saved (#374)
  • Target category can no longer be changed (#380)
  • Search without results (#379)
  • Automatic update of further values after status changes
  • Path prefix for categories to separate project data and other data. For example, if documents can be saved for a measuring device, the Prefix “Measuring Device” can be assigned to the measuring device category: “\Measuring Device\XYZ\KLM\…”
  • New functions on IMeXXApplication: RefreshFolder, SelectInList
  • Error: Goto if folder has not yet been activated and no item has been selected.
  • Check local and global keys now takes place after clicking on “OK” in the datasheet
  • Error: Options dialog “Database settings” shows invalid value for SQL-Server Authentication
  • Error: If FileService was not found, an error message is displayed when exiting MeXX.
  • New Functions Excel-Addin-API
  • Drag&Drop from Outlook: Attachments
  • Call MessageBrowser via the “WHATSNEW” function
  • New field LastActivity in the UsersLoggedIn table, each active client writes the current date and time every 5 minutes
  • Environment variables in the registry are automatically extended. (#63)
  • NodeCategorySelector (Copy to Clipboard) now remembers the window position
  • NetworkMonitor for monitoring the network connection
  • Online Help Integration
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