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License Manager

Use the LicenseManager to display the current system settings, to restart the LicenseService, to display the used licenses and to reset a single license.

Click the “LicenseManager.exe” file in the installation folder to run the LicenseManager.


Here you can see the information you need for a license. Send us the “Server Name” and the “Machine ID” to get a license.


Use the button “Restart Service” to restart the service. Click on “Status Inquiry” to view all current licenses.

If no licenses were found, initialize them by starting the program once, for which a license is required.


To reset a single-user license, enter the Product Code and the Host Name. The information can be found in the “Status” tab.

System Settings

All System Settings are stored within the file “Settings.xml” in the installation folder.

  • LogPath: If logging is enabled the log-files will be written in the specified folder. You can also use system variables like %TEMP%.
  • Port: The clients will connect to the LicenseService with a tcp remote connection. You can change the default port number the server is listening to.


If you encounter any problems you can turn on logging. To enable logging open the .config-file in the installation folder and change the loglevel.

  • LogLevel “ERROR”: Only errors will be logged.
  • LogLevel “ALL”: Verbose logging is enabled.

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