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With Reitec.Testplan, the designer can mark all test characteristics relevant for quality assurance directly in the drawing view of SolidWorks. Several functions are available for this task.

Each symbol is created as a sketch element in the drawing. The name of the symbol consists of a prefix “VDA_Stamp_” and a number that indicates the angle in degrees.

The Reitec.Testplan commands are only visible when a drawing is opened.

Command: Generate Stamp Icons

With this function all measurements are automatically marked. Each drawing view is processed in a clockwise direction. The dimension number is also assigned automatically.

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Command: Add Stamp Icon

With this function, only the selected dimensions are marked. The dimension number is also assigned automatically.

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Command: Add Free Stamp Icon

Not all elements in the SolidWorks drawing view can be automatically marked with a symbol. To be able to mark such elements nevertheless, a free symbol of any type can be created.

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Command: Refresh

Refreshes all symbols and realigns the arrow to the linked element. The numbering is retained.

Command: Refresh/Renumber

Refreshes all symbols and realigns the arrow to the linked element. The numbering is recalculated so that no gaps remain.

Command: Delete All

Deletes all symbols from the active drawing.

Command: Edit (mark)

Displays a dialogue in which the user can view and edit all characteristic values.

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Command: Edit (testplan types)

Opens the options dialogue with the possibility to change the test plan settings.

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Command: Change

The selection list shows the active test plan. Selecting another test plan from the list activates it.

Command: Show/Hide Layer

Shows or hides the layer assigned to the active test plan.

Command: Project Parameter

Displays the dialogue for editing the project parameters.

Command: Export

Exports all feature data to a csv or Excel file.

Command: Options

This command opens the options dialogue.

More information

Command: Feedback

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to send us an email.

Command: Help

Opens the Reitec.Testplan online help.

Command: About Reitec.Testplan

This command opens the info dialogue. In the info dialogue, the licence status can be viewed and the licence file can be entered.

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