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Trial Version

Reitec.Testplan can be tested for a period of 30 days for free. After that 30-day-period Reitec.Testplan must be activated. It is also possible to extend the test period.


After you have bought a license you have to activate Reitec.Testplan on each client.

1. Request a code

The program is activated with a special license file, which is generated by REITEC. You can request a license file from the “About”-dialog by clicking on the button “Request code”.

An email is automatically created. It contains all data, which is necessary for creating a license file.

The data is checked by a REITEC employee and the license file is generated. The code will be send to the requester by email. This process can take several hours.

2. Insert the code

In the “About”-dialog you can insert the received license file. Click on the button “Register” and select the license file.

To activate the license you have to restart Inventor. After a successfull activation the license data will be displayed in the “About”-dialog.

The content refers to version 2.4

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