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Reitec.Testplan is a CAD add-on for test planning based on drawings. The user can easily mark all dimensions relevant for quality assurance already in Inventor and export them together with all tolerances per keystroke or mouse click.

The engineer can mark distinctly all dimensions relevant for quality assurance during the preparation of the drawing. To do this, numerous functions are available in the drawing view. The main element is a stamp icon (a circle with an arrow and a number) that can be assigned to any check dimension. The arrow tip points to the associated check dimension.

Each stamp icon is a sketched symbol. The name of the sketched symbol consists of the prefix “VDA_Stamp_” and the angle in degrees of the arrow.

Area: Dimensions

Command: Generate Stamp Icons

Automatically adds stamp icons to all the dimensions of the sheet. This is done view by view in a clockwise order. The stamp numbers are calculated in an ascending way.

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Command: Add Stamp Icon

Add a stamp icon for the selected dimensions. The user can freely define the number to use or use the preset value. Numbers are unique within a drawing.

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Command: Add Free Stamp Icon

Not all items in the Inventor drawing view can be automatically marked with an icon. To be able to mark such elements, a free symbol of any type can be created.

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Command: Stamp wizard

Create similar testplans with a consistent order of the dimensions for similar products. More information in the administration chapter.

The wizard displays the dimension, which should be selected next. You can skip a dimension by directly clicking on the “Next” button.

Command: Refresh

Rearranges the stamp icons so that the stamp arrow points towards the attached dimension. The numbers will be preserved.

Command: Refresh and Renumber

Rearranges the stamp icons, so that the stamp arrow points towards the attached dimension. Also the numbers will be recalculated so that there are no spaces.

Command: Delete All

Deletes all stamp icons in the drawing.

Command: Copy All

Copies all inspection characteristics (symbols) of the current inspection plan layer to another inspection plan layer.

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Command: Edit

Shows a dialog where the user can edit the data of the selected characteristic.

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Area: Testplan types

Command: Edit

Opens the Options dialog with the possibility to change the test plan settings.

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Command: Change

The selection list displays the active test plan. Selecting another test plan from the list activates it.

Command: Show / Hide layer

Shows or hides the layer assigned to the active test plan.

Area: Table

Command: Create table

With the command 'Create table' a table with test characteristics can be inserted into the drawing.

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Area: QS-System

Command: Project parameter

Shows the dialog for editing the project parameters.

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Command: Export

Saves all dimension values and the tolerances into a csv-file or an excel-file.

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Area: Information

Command: Options

This command opens the Options dialog.

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Command: Feedback

If you have any questions or problems, please send us an e-mail.

Command: Help

Opens the Reitec.test plan online help.

Command: About Reitec.Testplan

This command calls the Info dialog. In the Info dialog you can check the license status and enter the license file.

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Command: Service

This command calls the service dialog. Numerous service functions are available in the service dialog, such as the function for upgrading the file format.

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The content refers to version 3.0

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